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Who We Are

SENT (Student Evangelization Networking Teams) Ministries is an outreach ministry at Franciscan University of Steubenville, in service to parishes, dioceses, and schools in planning and running retreats for middle school and high school youth.

What We Do

Churches, dioceses, and schools contact us to request a retreat. A SENT team of Franciscan University students is assigned to the retreat. The CORE team leaders then work in conjunction with the youth minister, parish, diocese, or school to plan the retreat. Once the date of the retreat arrives, the SENT Team travels to the retreat site and, with the youth minister, runs the retreat.

What is a SENT Team?

A SENT Team consists of two CORE team leaders. These are students who have either been on a SENT Team before or have experience leading retreats in their history. In addition to these two leaders the team consists of up to 10 other team members. The size of a team depends on the size and requirements of the retreat. Core Team members and team members go through an application process to be placed on a team for that semester. Through discernment we pray to have the grace to listen to whom the Holy Spirit is calling to serve at that specific time.

What We Can Do

SENT Teams are well-prepared for all aspects of retreat ministry. Each member goes through a team training and orientation prior to being assigned to a team. Many of our students are theology and/or catechetics majors, have been to Franciscan University of Steubenville High School Youth Conferences, and have attended and/or led retreats in their home parishes. With all of this experience the students are ready and willing to: give talks, share testimonies, lead small groups, run games and icebreakers, perform skits and dramas, and just be present with the teens through relational ministry. Teams can do as little as the parish needs or plan the whole retreat from start to finish. Most of the retreats we help with are Confirmation retreats, but SENT Ministries has also assisted with diocesan youth rallies, school retreats, Theology of the Body retreats and everything in between. We are willing to work with you on whatever ideas you may have for a retreat to help your teens come in contact with Jesus Christ!

What is the Cost?

The base fee is $600. Every additional retreat day is $200. A gas fee is also calculated based on price of gas and the travel distance. If the retreat includes an overnight stay, we ask the host parish or diocese to provide food and housing. Please see the Information for Parishes tab for more.

Our Mission

Student Evangelization Networking Teams strives to bring the light of Christ and the Joy of the Gospel to young people. Teams of vibrant, passionate and authentic college students are SENT out to parishes, schools and dioceses to share the love they have for Christ.


“So we are courageous…for we walk by faith, not by sight,”
(2 Cor 5:6-7)

Information for Parishes

How to book a Retreat
To inquire about retreats and available dates please email us at One of the co-coordinators will be able to give you information about the ministry and dates that are available.

Types of Retreats that SENT presents
SENT Ministries plans all types of retreats: Confirmation, High School, Middle School, Youth Rallies, Theology of the Body, and much more. We do not have any “pre-made” retreat schedule. Our Core Team Leaders work with each parish to plan the best programming for their youth. We can do as little or as much as you would like, from planning a whole three-day retreat to “filling in the blanks” of a schedule you have already started! If you have a theme that you would like us to run with, we can plan from that theme. Our teams are here to serve you!

A Team coming the night before a scheduled Retreat
If the retreat is starting early in the morning and the parish is further than two hours away from Franciscan University, we suggest that the team comes the night before to settle in, prepare, and pray for the retreat. You will not be charged for the team to come the night before.

Provisions for the SENT Team
We ask that you provide food while on retreat as well as living arrangements for retreats that are longer than one day. Our teams can bring sleeping bags & air mattresses. All we ask is that you provide two separate rooms (one for boys and one for girls) to sleep. Our teams are not permitted to sleep in the same room as the teens whom they are serving.

Costs and Fees
The base fee for a SENT Retreat is $600.00 for one day. Each additional day of ministry costs $200.00. A fee for travel expenses (e.g., gasoline) is also calculated into the final cost.

As noted above, there is no fee for travel days should the team need to come out the night before the retreat begins.

Retreat Schedule

Dates to Book for Spring 2021 and COVID precautions

Email us at to book a retreat for this coming Spring! We are following COVID regulations including 50% capacity in all vehicles and buildings we use, face masks are required to be worn for the entirety of the retreat. We do ask that the Parish Contact be very specific with their Core team leaders about the COVID precautions in their diocese.

Spring 2021 Retreats

Feb 5-7

Feb 12-14

Feb 19-21

Feb 26 – 28

Mar 19 – 21

Mar 26-28

Apr 9 -11

Apr 16-18

Contact US
Apply for SENT Ministries!

Join a SENT Ministries team! To apply, log into MyFranciscan and on the “Student Life” tab find the “Sent Ministries Application” in the left-hand menu.

Rhett Young
SENT Director

Rhett Young, director of Missionary Outreach, oversees SENT Ministries, Works of Mercy, and Missions of Peace, coordinating and expanding the many opportunities our students have to grow in holiness through Christ-centered service to others.


SENT Coordinators
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